Earth Systems takes pride in his staff and value its contributions. We recognize that our success as a company is based on the staff’s performance. Our team in Africa is multi-disciplinary and based in Dakar.

We believe that as our staff will grow so will our company: Earth Systems works globally and actively ensures that each team member has the opportunity to contribute to our projects.

Earth Systems offers an enjoyable and challenging work environment and provide a package of benefits to employees including Career Development Program and travel opportunities.

We are always interested to hear from talented and passionate team members. To apply, please submit a cover letter and CV to

In addition, we may be currently recruiting for specific positions so please check the Current Opportunities page.

To reward our staff and attract new, talented and passionate individuals, Earth Systems continually strives to be an Employer of Choice. Some of the benefits that Earth Systems employees enjoy include:

Enjoyable and Challenging Work Environment

Benefits to make the workplace more positive and enjoyable include:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Part-time and ‘work from home’ opportunities
  • Regular staff and family functions
  • Meaningful, challenging and varied work
  • Friendly, dynamic and diverse co-workers, passionate about the environment

Career Development

We believe that career development of all our staff is critical to growing both the company and the individual team member. We provide the following opportunities to our staff to help drive their careers:

  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Career Development Program
  • Monthly Consulting Strategy Seminars
  • Financial support for Career Development events
  • Membership to industry associations
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Work Experience Program
  • Further education and workplace flexibility

Global Opportunities

Being a global company, Earth Systems can provide staff the opportunity to contribute globally and take advantage of travel opportunities:

  • International Employee Exchange Program
  • Opportunities for mobility (relocation) between Earth Systems offices
  • Longer-term international secondment opportunities
  • Shorter-term, project-based national and international travel

Commitment to Environment and Sustainability

We are committed to the environment and sustainability, both for our clients and in our own workplace. In addition to a growing number of Company based Environmental Credentials, we encourage our staff to get involved as well.

Employee Recognition

We know that our staff works hard to contribute to the team. Extraordinary staff efforts are recognised and awarded regularly:

  • Quarterly Employee Contribution Recognition Program
  • Staff Recruiting Incentive Program



Earth Systems Senegal Office
Face Station Shell Ngor-Almadies,
Route de l’aéroport,
lot N° 02, Dakar, Senegal
Tel: (221) 3386 83023
Fax: (221) 3382 04351

Earth Systems Rwanda Office
KG 599 ST, House 13,
Gishushu, Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: +250 781 103 535
Fax: +221 3382 04351