Oil and Gas

With more than 50% of Africa’s export earnings attributed to the hydrocarbon sector in 2015, the Oil and Gas sector is critical to its economic development. With North and West Africa home to well known reserves and producers, East Africa is increasingly being explored due to extensive natural gas and oil deposits, both on and off-shore. There is significant opportunity for investors to seize both

With experience working in a diverse variety of business and ecological environments, Earth Systems offers expertise in the provision of environmental and social consulting services to the oil and gas industry. From project environmental and social transactional advisory to permitting, management, and closure; Earth Systems can assist both onshore and offshore operations in meeting their environmental and social requirements in a safe, thorough and economical way.

Earth Systems combines experience with a strong understanding of international standards, including the Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards. This knowledge, coupled with an understanding of local regulatory systems and cultural sensitivities allows us to assist our clients in meeting regulatory requirements for project permitting and/or financing.

Earth Systems also offers Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) services to help renewable energy projects in developing countries take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Kyoto Protocol.

Services Provided


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