Environmental Assessment

Earth Systems provides high quality environmental management and assessment services to a range of sectors, including mining, hydropower, oil and gas and linear developments. Services include environmental and social impact assessment; development of environmental management systems and plans; due diligence review; environmental monitoring and information management; and GIS / Remote Sensing.

Social Assessment and Development Planning

Earth Systems offers a full suite of social assessment and development planning services including social impact assessment (SIA); socio-economic and health baseline surveys; preparation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs), Livelihood Restoration Plans (LRP), Indigenous Peoples Development Plans (IDPDs), Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and gender assessment and development planning (GDP).

Water Management

Earth Systems provides total water quality management solutions, from characterisation to treatment and work with broad range of clients worldwide. Our services include water quality and water resource management, geochemical characterisation, water treatment systems, groundwater assessment and  wetlands management.

Water Treatment

Earth Systems develops solutions to prevent, minimise or treat water pollution (including acid drainage and turbidity), based on site and cost limitations. Our integrated water treatment solutions are based on conventional and innovated treatment technologies that are designed to meet the treatment objectives, site requirements and the individual needs of our clients.

Energy and Carbon

Earth Systems offers technical assistance and guidance to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the low carbon economy through internationally recognised carbon schemes such as the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism. We also provide energy efficiency consulting services in the industry and mining sector along with renewable resource assessment at site or regional levels.


Earth Systems supports our clients to achieve long-term sustainable growth. We provide innovative, multidisciplinary solutions to reduce environmental impacts whilst increasing the bottom line. Our services include energy auditing and compliance review, energy, waste and water efficiency, climate change and greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies, life cycle analysis and waste to energy solutions.

Aid and International Development

Earth Systems partners with a range of entities to support sustainable development in emerging economies. We have strong experience working in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Our services include the development of planning documents (e.g. resettlement action plans, livelihood restoration plans, indigenous people development plans), technical assistance and capacity building programs, participatory planning and community consultation.


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