Environmental Management and Assessment

Earth Systems has provided high quality environmental assessment and management services for two decades. Earth Systems also provides a full suite of social assessment and management services. We provide specialist environmental management and assessment services to a range of sectors, including mining, hydropower, oil and gas, infrastructure and urban development.

We are familiar with development bank (e.g. World Bank, African Development Bank) safeguard standards and operational policies for environmental and social assessment, and have conducted environmental assessments in a range of jurisdictional and geographic settings.

We have experience working in the mining and hydropower sectors across sub-Saharan Africa including Senegal, Guinea, Tanzania and Uganda in a wide range of jurisdictional and geographic settings. This knowledge, coupled with our strong understanding of international standards – Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards – makes Earth Systems well placed to deliver high quality environmental services in Africa.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to environmental management and assessment is a core element of our approach. Our ability to work in difficult and remote terrains is another hallmark of Earth Systems.

Services Provided

For more information or to discuss our range of environmental management and assessment services please contact Earth Systems at enviro@earthsystemsafrica.com.


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