Social Assessment and Development Planning

Earth Systems has been incorporating social assessment into our environmental assessment work for over a decade. We consider social assessment to be an equal and essential component of EIA, particularly in contexts where economic and social vulnerabilities are concerned.

Our team is experienced in qualitative and quantitative social research and survey techniques. Having undertaken social assessments in a variety of countries including Senegal, Uganda, Mali, Guinea and Liberia, we have developed an approach that we can replicate, yet still tailor to the individual circumstances of a project.

We have in-house linguistic capabilities in Wolof, French, English, Swahili and Kinyarwanda. Where necessary, Earth Systems can draw on its network of partners and associates for social surveys to benefit from knowledge of additional languages and social customs.

Our goal is to provide clients with detailed, accurate socio-economic information and an understanding of the local situation to support the development of social management and mitigation programs. We also work with companies, investors and communities to ensure that local people are able to realise the potential benefits of a project. Through sound assessment, effective implementation of social development programs, regular consultation and participatory development planning, we aim to ensure that our clients receive a ‘Social License to Operate.’

Services Provided

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