Existing Treatment Plant Upgrades

Earth Systems can provide expert advice on the evaluation, optimisation and upgrade of existing water treatment plants for the industrial, mining, energy and water sectors.

Modifications to existing treatment plants may be required to:

  • Improve effluent water quality
  • Address changing discharge / re-use requirements.
  • Address changing feed-water quality.
  • Increase capacity requirements.
  • Reduce reagent consumption.
  • Reduce sludge volumes.
  • Reduce odour emissions.
  • Reduce running and maintenance costs.
  • Increase efficiency.

As part of a review of existing water treatment plant operations Earth Systems can;

  • Evaluate the current process to see if it meets all of the required outcomes and, where appropriate, propose and cost design modifications to increase efficiencies or meet the new demands of evolving feed water quality and desired outcomes (effluent water quality, sludge production, reagent consumption etc.).
  • Oversee optimisation of the current treatment plant to improve efficiencies and meet changing water quality demands.
  • Design, cost and oversee the upgrade of an existing treatment plant to new, more appropriate, treatment technologies to low on-going costs, improve treatment efficiencies and provide greater flexibility to meet any foreseeable requirements.
  • Contact Earth Systems to evaluate the suitability of your existing plant for upgrade.


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